download cartoon HD for iOS

Cartoon HD for iOS: How to Download the App?

Cartoons can be for kids in a literal sense, but can we deny the fact we all love to watch it under any circumstances, and it is just perfect to add a smile on our face. Thus it is very thoughtful of the app creators of Cartoon HD, to make such an app that is not restricted for the kids and is devoid of any ‘kids mode.’ But you must know that it is an Android app and thus unavailable for other OS users. Interestingly nowadays it is not an issue to be bothered about as Cartoon HD for iOS is now can be installed and in this tutorial, we will talk about that.

Download cartoon HD for iOS
Download cartoon HD for iOS

Download Cartoon HD for iOS: The Process in Details

The process is not at all complicated as the steps are simple and they are not too many in numbers. So just start with it, and within a few minutes, you will get Cartoon HD for your iOS device.

  1. First, go to the Settings of your iPhone or iPad and select the ‘General Setting’ and visit the option to change the Date and Time set the date to August 1, 2014.
  2. After that, open the Safari from your iOS device and visit any third party site to get the latest version of Cartoon HD apk and download the apk on the iPhone or iPad. Keep it in mind that, there are multiple fake files of Cartoon HD for iOS, so make sure you have the right link.
  3. Now install the app on your iOS device by pressing the install button.
  4. After that, when you will open the Cartoon HD app for the first time, you will get a pop up ‘Untrusted App Developer.’ Don’t get perplexed as this is very normal as you did not install the app directly from the App Store.
  5. Finally hit the ‘Trust’ button, to use Cartoon HD app on your iOS device.

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There are a number of alternatives to watch the free movies in HD version, no doubt. But there is something extraordinary about the app Cartoon HD as it is something that takes us to our childhood days and let us relish those good old days with the cartoons. Till now the iOS users were deprived of the opportunity, but with our tutorial on Cartoon HD for iOS will surely be a new boost to the iOS users to get the app.