Downloading PlayBox for iOS 10 is too Simple: Know how to Do it

PlayBox is quite a known name now, for the movie lovers. But it actually started its journey as CinemaBox, and that was a hit too. But due to certain issues, the previous app CinemaBox got shut down, and the developers came up with something more interesting as PlayBox. Now, though an Android app, this app can be used on iPhones too. Here in this tutorial, we will talk about the installation process of PlayBox for iOS 10 users. Just go through the article, and within few minutes you can get the app on your iOS 10 device. So let’s get started!

Download Playbox for iOS 10
Download Playbox for iOS 10

How to Download PlayBox for iOS 10

Get to know the process of this app here, and we can assure that you will never find it an unworthy app. PlayBox HD iOS app is the perfect solution for the entertainment cravers. Take a look at how to get the app on your iOS device.

  1. First, unlock your phone and open any web browser. It is preferred to use Safari.
  2. Then go to any third party site to get the PlayBox installation link.
  3. After that click on iOS.
  4. Now click on the direct download button.
  5. Next skip warning messages which come on screen.
  6. Then move to Home screen by double tapping home button, you will see PlayBox HD downloading and installing.
  7. After that wait for the app to be installed.
  8. Next, once the app is installed, open it.
  9. Then the app will ask you to enter username and password, the details you can use
  10. Once it is entered, click on the “OK” button.
  11. Finally, after login you will see the list of all latest movies; you can play and download any movie of your choice.

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If you love movies then you will surely love PlayBox and it is a fact that s this app offers a hell lot of facilities to stream and download and to get the content in HD quality and top of all the free service; it is difficult to avoid the app. Though it is an Android app now it is also possible to get for the iOS devices. PlayBox for iOS 10 users thus is a great opportunity and you must not avoid it. Download it and share your experience with us.