Five best pasta makers of 2020


Pasta is the most favorite dish for any family. Sunday family dinners and gatherings are incomplete without freshly made pasta. Homemade and well-cooked pasta is the most desirous meal of families. Most of us take shortcuts and use boxed pasta in a hurry. But the taste of freshly made pasta from scratch is delicious and outstanding.

Read through the article to know more about the best pasta making machines.

Five best pasta makers’ machines of 2020

  1. Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta machine:

Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta machine is a manual pasta maker. This pasta maker is a traditional machine that results in making outstanding pasta from scratch. Marcato pasta machine has an impeccable reputation with an amazing feature that is a pleasure to use.

The Marcato Atlas pasta machine includes ten different thicknesses between 0.6mm to 4.8mm. The easy-to-operate knob and thoughtful roller designs produce slightly rough pasta that observes the sauce. The optional accessories of the pasta makers enable the user to make pasta of various sizes and thicknesses.

  1. Phenovo stainless steel pasta machine:

The Phenovo stainless steel pasta maker is made of galvanized steel. This pasta maker is hand-operated and very convenient to use while making spaghetti. The steel rollers of the pasta machine include a flexible knob that provides multiple thickness settings.

The machine is designed to make delightful home-made pasta with ease. The machine can be clamped down to the counter that offers unbeatable steadiness; the model is long-lasting and offers stress-free cleaning.

  1. Philips HR2357/05 Avance pasta maker

The next pasta maker on our list is from Philips. Philips brand is a well-known name in manufacturing home appliances. This model of pasta maker is an electrical machine that is powerful and does all the work effortlessly.

Philips pasta maker is equipped with multiple features that mixes, kneads the dough, and extruder of the pasta maker produces it in desired shapes. The model includes four shaping discs – spaghetti, penne, fettuccini, and lasagna. However, the machine doesn’t cut the pasta into pieces; you need to cut them into desired sizes as they come out in long strands or shapes.

  1. OxGord Pasta Maker Machine

OxGord pasta maker machine is constructed with powerful stainless steel material that lasts the test of time. With this pasta maker, you can change the setting and roll the dough into 9 different thicknesses. The pasta maker includes three different blades that are helpful in making various types of pasta noodles.

The fixtures of the pasta maker like blades and hand crank can be easily fixed and detached. OxGord pasta maker is a cheap pasta machine with great performance.

  1. CucinaPro Pasta maker

CucinaPro pasta maker is chrome plated, cost-effective, and highly durable. This is yet again, a manual pasta maker that produces a clean and neat pasta of five different types. The machine is set by default to produce flat pasta. The attachments required for making pasta of different shapes are included in the model by the manufacturer.

In conclusion:

Tough pasta making machine is available in manual and automatic styles. A manual pasta maker is the best. Manual pasta makers mentioned are suitable choices in terms of performance, design, and price.