Freedom app review

Freedom App Review: Get the App to Save Your Precious Time

Freedom is one of those inventions that can protect you from the deadly attraction to the internet. As we spend most of our time on the internet and here we can get a lot of such things that can be any social platform, game or some other distracting thing that takes a lot of our time and helps to reduce our productivity. Through this article, we will get the Freedom App review that will help you all to fathom the benefits of this mind blowing app.

Why we need this app?

To know why you need this app, you need to know what the app offers. This is one of those apps that can deal with internet addiction and help you to get into time management skills. Here we have tried to discuss some of the best usages of this app.

Block Websites and Apps: this app can block various apps and website that can distract you and which are the reasons of your less involvement with your important works and projects.

Schedule Sessions: we know how much time we spend on social media. Thus it is not just waste of time, but it will help us to compromise with our responsibilities or studies. But with Freedom app(, you can schedule the session of your invested time on certain apps. Once you schedule the time, you can never undo that, and in that way, with the time you can get out of the addiction.

Build Habits: as the scheduled time is a locked period and once it is done, you cannot undo that, eventually it helps you to build a good habit.

Freedom app review

Here is the Freedom App review in bullet point. It will help you to fathom the app in no time.


  • Scheduled blocking stops the “I’ll just check X before I start work,” spiral
  • Block internet access entirely for truly distraction-free sessions
  • Locked mode to prevent sneaky social media sessions


  • Not available for Android devices
  • Informal support system
  • The free trial has limited features. Why? If you want us to buy it, let us try it!

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After the whole discussion through the Freedom App review, we can say that it is one of the best apps that will help you to get a good habit, save your precious time and most importantly use the internet in the right manner. So if you are addicted to various websites get the app Freedom today, and see the change in your life!