How to Use a Meat Thermometer

To make sure if you are eating the meat cooked at the right temperature, you have to use a meat thermometer. Many people are now starting to use a meat thermometer because of the understanding of the effects caused by harmful bacteria in the meat. If you want the meat that is healthy and cooked well, then use the meat thermometer. If you like to know how to use the meat thermometer perfectly, then make use of the information below.

The oven-going type of meat thermometer

This type of meat thermometer can be used for large chunks of meat. You can use it for turkeys and whole chicken roasts. Insert the oven-going thermometer in the meat when it is cooking. This thermometer can remain in the same place in the meat during the time of cooking and even after it. You can use it for grilling and roasting the meat.

Insert the thermometer two inches deep in the meat. It has to be in the center of the thickest part of the meat. The thickest part takes more time to cook. So use the thermometer here. The thermometer must not touch the bone or any hard part of the meat; otherwise, the reading will not come well. If the meat reaches the temperature, you desire then push the thermometer to the other side and check. If the temperature lessens, then cook again. If the temperature remains the same, end the cooking.

Now you have to cover the meat in a foil. Let it remain like this for fifteen minutes before cutting it. The temperature will increase to 5 F to 10 F at the time of standing. This is the way you are supposed to use the oven-going type thermometer. Many chefs make use of these thermometers in their kitchens.

Instant-read type thermometer

The instant-read digital meat thermometers are available in the dial and digital types. These are placed in the meat outside the oven and will be able to give an instant-read.

       Dial instant thermometer 

The tip of the thermometer has to be inserted two inches deep. For the meat that is thinner in shapes such as the chops and burgers, you have to place the tip in the side of the meat. This will give you the right reading. This type of thermometer will offer the reading in fifteen to twenty seconds. The thermometer must not be left in the meat when it is cooking. Only place it to check when cooking and take it back, or you can use it at the end of the cooking time.


       Digital instant thermometer

The tip of the thermometer has to be placed 1/2 inch deep in the meat. The reading will be offered in just ten seconds. It can be used to check the complete cooking of large meat chunks. You can also use it for thinner meat cuts. Use it for steak, burgers, and chops. The thermometer must not be left in the food during the cooking time.

These are the different ways you can use the different types of thermometer. There are many uses you can get out of the meat thermometers.