The benefits of using the best dry iron

Wearing neat, crisp and ironed clothes is a sign of professionalism. Everyone wants to be attractive and presentable. So, ironing is an everyday task for many. But, many find it difficult to iron clothes with old model irons. However, the new age irons come with excellent features and benefits. They can make this task easier and simpler. Now, in this article, you can know more about how to choose the best dry iron in india.

How does the dry ironwork?

Dry irons are basic or one of the most commonly used irons. The lightweight, basic controls and ease of use make this a popular one. The dry iron is suitable for everyday ironing tasks with excellent pressing capabilities. The newer and high-end models of dry iron are better and beneficial.

The vital features of dry irons 

Build and style 

The dry irons are available in both hard plastic and steel material. These irons come in different colours, styles and design. The style of the iron can be determined according to your preference. Also, it is suggested to choose an iron that has a proper handle. A perfect iron handle provides great convenience.

The soleplates 

The dry irons are available with numerous types of soleplates. The four common soleplates are aluminium, non-stick, stainless steel and ceramic. The stainless steel and ceramic soleplates can provide you with a good ironing experience. Both these soleplates come with durability, scratch-resistant, even-ironing and corrosion-free features.

The weight and construction 

Generally, the dry irons are lighter in weight than the steam irons. But, the dry irons with metal base can be quite heavy. Also, most of the modern designs are lightweight to reduce the load on the arm. This makes the dry irons easy to lift and easy to use. Therefore, you do not have to put more pressure while ironing.

Power and watts

The main advantage of using dry irons is power. The dry irons are available in different wattages. If the appliance wattage is higher, the performance rate will also be higher. So you can choose a dry iron with more power for fast and effective ironing. Unlike the steam irons, dry irons use less electricity but provide more power.

The temperature control 

The controls in the dry irons are precise and user friendly. The user can easily identify all the controls available in the appliance. The adjustable temperature and fabric setting provide convenience and ease of use.

The cords 

There are two types of dry irons available that is cordless and cord swivel irons. The main inconvenience of using iron is its cords. But, the cord swivel irons are designed with a 360-degree cord mechanism. This feature helps you to move the iron in any direction, but the cord stays in the same position. According to your suitability, you can also choose a cordless iron for convenience. The cordless iron comes with a separate heating plate that provides heat to the soleplate.


Many say that dry irons are very conventional and contain only basic ironing features. However, the modern style dry irons are better, convenient and more durable than steam irons.