What are the benefits of sleeping with a fan?

Summers are the most common season in the world. Summer is a beautiful season with bright sun and clear sky. This season calls for outdoor activities. But it also brings in heat and sweat. Weather in summers is usually hot. We try to beat this with ice creams, cold drinks, fans and air conditioning.

This article will be discussing the benefits of sleeping with a fan.

Five benefits of sleeping with a fan in summer:

Sleeping without a fan in summer is nearly impossible. Hot nights are extremely uncomfortable to get a good night sleep. But with fans, you can sleep well without worrying about sweat.

Few other benefits of sleeping with a fan other than avoiding sweat are as follows:

  1. Fans are cheaper and easier to install

The costs of fans are much cheaper than an air conditioning unit. Fans are also easy to install; it gets the job done effectively. On the other hand, the air condition unit is expensive. Not everyone can afford to buy an A.C. It is best to opt for fans in case you are living in a place that is not too hot.

  1. It helps in clearing the odour from rooms

During hot seasons like summer, rooms feel stuffier. Not just rooms, in hot seasons any enclosed place feels stuffy. This results in an unpleasant odour. But installing a fan makes the air move around the room and keeps it fresh.

  1. The white noise of the fan is good for sleeping

That’s correct some people prefer sleeping with white noise. The hum made by the fan is good for falling asleep. The noise of the fan also removes the noise coming from outside traffic or people. It is even believed by some experts that falling asleep with a fan is much faster than regular.

  1. Sleeping with a fan is very comfortable

Nobody likes waking up in the middle of the night sweating. It helps in controlling the room temperature by keeping it moderate. Also, there are few people whose body temperature gets hotter when asleep. And such people find it very inconvenient to sleep in hot seasons. But with a fan in the room, you need to worry about sweating or sleeping uncomfortably.

  1. It improves the ventilation in the room

Fans increase the ventilation in the room where it is installed. Ventilation of a room is important for the health of a person. It makes the air circulating, and it gets easier to breathe. At the same time, a study has found that fans reduce SIDS in babies. Overheating and increase in the CO2 levels put the baby at risk and chance of contracting SIDS is high. This can be avoided by installing a fan.

Bottom Line:

Benefits of using a best ceiling fan in rooms are listed above. But at the end of the day using a fan is a private matter. Just like other appliance fans does include negative implications. However, not all people using and sleeping with a fan suffer from negative implications.