Wood Lathe Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a Wood Lathe:

Nowadays, wood lathes of varying types available in the market for sale and they are confusing for you to choose the right one. Because, you need to consider various factors for buying a wood lathe such as size, brand, model, price range, and other new features, etc. When you buy a good quality wood lathe, the machine will work efficiently and also last for many years. Thus, without making proper research on various wood lathe brands, never choose the wrong product.

Factors to consider while buying a wood lathe:


Wood lathes are much special when compared to other wood-working tools. It is better to buy a wood lathe and check the quality and price and then go for a bulk purchase. Wood lathes available in a particular price range may have the same quality. But according to the research, the mini lathe is having better quality than a full-sized lathe and both are having the same price range. Thus, while checking the price of wood lathes, ensure that you check the speed controller for controlling speeds and its type of speed control, weight, quality of the lathe construction, and size, etc. Ensure that the lathe is coming under your budget as well.

Brand Quality:

When it comes to the quality of the lathe, you need to focus on certain brands. Some brands that are reputable in the market sell only good quality lathe machine. You can go with such brands. All the brands don’t maintain the quality control and materials of the same standard. If you are looking for a reasonably-priced lathe, then go with the Chinese lathe brands. Such brands are manufacturing good models at a reasonable price.


One of the crucial considerations when buying a lathe is the size. Whether you want to make pens or table legs? Based on your needs, you can go with the right-sized lathe. For instance, if you want pens or other small project materials, then a pen lathe is enough and it does all flavors for you at a reasonable price. If you need a slightly bigger materials, then go with the mini-lathe for making small to mid-sized pieces. When you go for a full-sized lathe, you can make whatever you want from small to larger pieces but it is expensive.

Type of Projects:

This is also crucial in deciding the right size lathe. You need to make research on the different sorts of projects you plan in the future to do using the new lathe. Whether you are going to handle small items like pens, bowls or large items such as staircase spindles? Based on this fact, decide the right-sized lathe.

Available Space:

Consider your workshop before buying the full-sized lathe, as it will occupy a lot of space. You can also save space by installing a benchtop wood lathe which you can take out for work and keep it aside after the work is over. Thus, you can save a lot of space in your workshop.

Thus, one has to consider all the above features before buying a best wood lathe for your job.