Showbox App

5 Apps One Can Use as an Alternative of ShowBox

Showbox is the streaming application for Android for movies. Millions of users want to watch movies on their smartphones, as most devices in the world are on the Android operating system now. In that case, nothing is more convenient than Showbox. Though Showbox and Moviebox are almost same, and we may not say which one is better. But apart from ShowBox, there are many apps those are almost same in their application like ShowBox. So here we have created a list of 5 to give you a glance of them.

Here are some of them:-

PopCorn Time

The PopCorn app is the best ShowBox substitutes because it can support Android, IOS as well as Linux users. Just like ShowBox, PopCorn Time is very simple and fast as an app which allows watching full movies online, safely. But it has one con, and that is, it crashes more often than ShowBox.  But PopCorn Time has some awesome benefits too. It has plenty of subtitles to choose from, it connects the device to the smart TV and has changeable interface and language.

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Sky HD

When we talk about Sky HD, we immediately think of one of the best ShowBox Entertainment App alternatives on the market. Indeed, HD Cinema App developers put a lot of effort to make Sky HD one of the best streaming movie applications. With Sky HD one can watch full movies in HD quality that provides crystal clear movie experience. Sky HD has a far better picture than most of its competitors, as well as a very easy access to mere movies and TV shows. But unlike ShowBox, it is not free, and you need at least 1368 X 768 resolution displays to watch HD movies, and it is known for providing lower quality movies.

MegaBox HD

MegaBox is another great android app option that can work in the place of ShowBox and is on the list of the best ShowBox alternatives. This is an app that provides you will full content enabling you to watch free movies or TV shows. The interface of MegaBox is similar to ShowBox as they have all kinds of different sections in the menu. So, MegaBox HD is definitely the right pick as a ShowBox alternative. You can choose between 360p and 720p and has a strong server which means no lags or crashes. There is an option to “favorite” a movie. While it is so good as an app, it annoys you with plenty of ads and does not include a wide selection of movies

Play Box HD

Nowadays it isn’t hard to find Android apps that can replace ShowBox APK. If one needs a free app allowing you to watch free movies than Play Box HD is one of the excellent ShowBox alternatives, which is suitable for Android as well as IOS users. Just like ShowBox, Play Box HD has a quite fast response time which means that it has solid servers. The pros of the app are it can stream as well as download a movie; it is very easy to install and has a wide range of free movies but has a bad interface in comparison to apps like ShowBox.

Movie Box

Movie Box is also one of the best ShowBox alternatives as it has very similar features like ShowBox. However and unlike ShowBox, Movie Box can only change between Russian and English languages. In this android app like ShowBox, you can watch a trailer before you actually watch the movie. A big advantage of the app is it releases new movies fast and is very handy but complicated to use as it has a lot of features.

Last Words

Showbox allows streaming any kind of movie for free. Its library is updated with latest TV shows and movies, and thus one can get the latest content. So if you are having any problem with Showbox application, you can try the suggested apps for a new experience.