Best wireless Routers with strong signals for office/home use

Wireless routers are in great demand nowadays as they help to create better the internet signals with more than one device connected to it offering the same sort of internet speed. The stronger is the Wi-Fi Signal the speed of internet will be higher, the antenna technology generally determines its Wifi signal strength. In case you want to install one router for your home or office based use, you should always choose an option with strong signals commanding more connections offered. Office always needs a router with better range and more connections involved, after knowing all this you must be thinking which model to choose. Don’t bother as we have enlisted best wireless router models available with strongest signals for multipurpose usage means you can either choose it for your office or just install it in your home to enjoy superior internet signals.

  1. The Portal

As the name of company commands Best Design, this particular model Portal has nine antennas inside the router. The router comprises of “Fastlane” feature that helps to avoid non-consumer devices that result in most cases to reduce the speed of the internet. The router is called perfect by the company for both office and domestic usage, on the technical part the device is powered with Turbo-AC2400 spectrum booster.

  1. Linksys AC 5400 Tri-Band Wireless Router

Designed as a spaceship with 8 antennas this Linksys model offers compact black design boasting blazing fast Wifi Speed. The available router is considered ideal for gaming and streaming online videos with weight 3.25 pounds only. The Linksys router enables stretched range with superior performance that supports MU-MIMO technology, MIMO technology lets the Wi-Fi operate without affecting overall speed.

  1. TP-Link AC1900

TP-Link is known as the market giant when it comes to a range of routers available to buy, finding a budget friendly option combined with the goodness of excellent strength is not an easy search. The TP-Link AC 1900 band covers three high-powered antennas to create strong and reliable signal strength for your home or small scale business extension. Just connect the TP-Link with its app and manage to set on the go with better security and signal strength. Online gamers will surely like the AC1900 device as multiple devices be connected without compromising with ISP provided internet speed.

  1. Linksys WRT1900ACS Open Source Wifi Router

You may give just one or two stars to its overall looks but the routers are meant for offering great speed and this model fulfills that requirement with 5 ratings, you will surely forget its design once you were offered to lighten fast internet speed. Released in 2015 and remaining still in the league of best performer needs great efforts, the 1.6 GHz powered CPU of the Wi-Fi router can deliver speed up to 600 MBPS.

  1.  Asus RT-AC88U

Call it design or speed; the Asus RT-AC88U model will showcase its supremacy in all possible functionaries. The particular model has the power to fill your entire home with an extended range of internet speed. The four receiver antenna offers coverage in entire up to 5,000 sq ft.