Does owning a stud finder necessary?

Are you a contractor or a DIY kind of person? Or a person who likes building things around the house – a DIY project? Then stud finder is the tool you are looking for. So what is a stud finder?

Stud finder meaning:

A stud finder is a valuable tool used by handymen and contractors to locate and identify the vertical wall framing knows as studs. A stud finder is also known as stud located or sensor. This tool is used to locate a wooden beam or stud behind the drywall or plasterboard. Plaster boards are a kind of wall used to divide a room into a different section. Studs go all the way up to the ceiling, which needs to be identified rightly for hanging stuff and screwing things to the wall.

How does a stud finder work?

A stud finder is usually a battery-operated device. A stud is designed to locate a wooden beam easily and quickly behind drywall. A stud finder uses an electromagnet to detect the studs. The battery-operated studs are a portable tool with LED’s, which starts lighting when a stud or beam is located. The magnetic studs locate the screws or nail used in the stud to signal the location of a beam.

For using a stud sensor or finder, place the tool on the wall and turn in on, by pressing the two side buttons. Now slowly move the tool horizontally on the wall until a stud is located. Confirm the location by finding two or more studs consecutively. Studs are usually placed at a distance of 16 to 24 inches. Identifying a stud is vital for hanging anything heavy; drilling a hole directly into drywall or plasterboard is dangerous, as it can break loose. You need to drill and screw a nail into the stub for stability and strength required to hold the heavy object.

Does a stud finder or a stud sensor work?

The most common question asked by people using studs for the first time does a stud finder work? The answer to this question is simple, just like any other handy tool, studs work provided you have the proper knowledge to use them. Studs come with am instruction manual, testing through the manual and understanding the mechanism behind their working is necessary for getting results.

Also, when investing in a stud it is important that you trust reputed company like Bosch and Zircon. Studs manufactured by these brands might be a little expensive but they give you accurate results. Further, as the saying goes” you get what you pay for” buying a stud of good quality will have the ability to penetrate the wall and give to the correct location of the stud.

These days advance studs finder have sensors in them, which indicates if there is electric wire in the place where you want to drill a hole. Drilling a hole in the wrong place cost you money and time to get it fixed, adding to your expense. Instead, invest in a best stud finder that makes hanging and screwing things easy.