Factors to consider while purchasing A.P. book

Advanced Placement is a college-level program and examination offered by the College Board. It is offered as part of the Advanced Placement Program in the month of May. Canadian institutions accredit them for advanced credit. The exam duration varies from 90 minutes to 200 minutes, depending on the subject. The Advanced Placement package offers 34 courses. The subject includes mathematics, social sciences, arts, sciences, and world language. If your school doesn’t offer A.P. courses, then you can still take up the A.P. Exams. You can prepare for the exams and attend a test center.

The following are the factors that you should consider while purchasing A.P. book:

  • Buying more than one book: Always prefer to buy more than one book as another publisher might have a different style in approach, and it might be enhancing your knowledge.
  • Awareness: There are numerous books available in the market. Before you choose a book, look for reviews and ratings of other competitor’s books online. This would give you an idea of the book to buy.
  • Look for your expectation of fulfilling: The book that you are buying should have the test to practice that you require for your exams. Choose the best book which meets your expectations. like here we cover Best AP US History Book

Criteria for the Advanced Placement exam

The following are the criteria in the A.P. exam

  • Two exams at the same time cannot be performed during the regular testing period. As an alternative, you can attend one exam during the late testing period.
  • You are restricted from attending Calculus AB and Calculus BC in the same year.
  • You can opt for all four Physics exams in the same year.
  • You are restricted to repeat an exam in the same year. You may retake it in a subsequent year.

Why should you take the A.P. exam?

 There are many benefits for a student taking up A.P. Courses and Exams. They are as follows:

  • It helps the students to get priority in the college admission process. It favors the student’s commitment and capacity to succeed in their studies.
  • It enables advanced credit before starting college. On successful A.P. exam scores, you will be offered credit, Advanced Placement, or both in universities across the U.S.
  • All top universities in Canada and the U.K. recognize A.P. for credit or Placement and admission.

How to prepare for the A.P. exam?

The following are the tips for the students to prepare for the A.P. exam.

  • It is always best to study in a smaller quantity and grasp up.
  • A lot of practice is needed to attend the exam.
  • Keep revising the topics which you have covered.
  • It would be best if you had the right mentor for your practice. It doesn’t need to be a person. It can be an A.P. book for your guidance and to keep you on the right track.

Research for reviews and ratings of the competitor books and purchase them. Studying online is also easier nowadays with the help of e-books. You can take up the notes that you require and post your questions on online learning websites.