How much does a bread maker cost?

The fragrance of freshly baked bread is indeed heavenly!.  A visit to the baker’s shop near you is worth it especially when a fresh batch of bread is being baked just to savor the fragrance.  Most of the time people dread making home-made bread owing to the failure in achieving the right texture of the bread.  However, bread makers are considered to be effective in helping you get a bread loaf done at home with the right taste, texture and even the heavenly fragrance as well. It is healthier too as you have control over the ingredients that go into the making of the bread.

 Bread makers- what are they?

Bread makers are machines that are used to bake bread at home.  You would be able to get loaves of bread made either using a premix or using ingredients in the right measure if you are used to baking loaves of bread already. The best bread maker takes care of the all-important task of kneading the dough that is very important to get a perfectly baked loaf of bread.  Though the shape of the bread loaf might be slightly squarish, the weight of the bread usually complies with the weight of the shop- bought loaves.

Types of bread makers, their features and cost

The bread makers are no doubt a worthy investment if you love bread and you are the one who keeps buying bread from the local bakery quite often. The bread maker would indeed turn out to be cost-effective in the long run.

Top range bread maker

A top range bread maker from a well-known or reputed brand is likely to cost around Rs. 9000-14,000.  It could vary depending on the brand name as well as the watt power they are endowed with. But, the features which include about 12 pre-programmed menus along with options that would facilitate the extent of browning would make it a worthy buy. The pre-programmed menu includes French, basic, whole wheat, sweet, quick, ultra-fast homemade, etc. The higher end bread maker makes it possible to get loaves of different weights at home. The bread maker of this type is fully automatic and takes care of all functions starting from kneading until the bread is baked. It is also endowed with keep warm feature and separate fruit and nut dispensing features to make fruit and nut bread easily.

 The mid-range bread maker

The mid rage bread maker would cost about Rs. 6500-Rs.9000. though it might not be endowed with as many special features that you would find in the top- end bread maker, there is no questioning the user-friendly nature of the bread maker. They also offer scope for customization of bread by adding new ingredients which could be helpful in making different kinds of bread which include French bread, wheat bread, and even brown bread.

 The lower range

The price difference is not great between a mid-range and lower range. The bread makers you find at the lower-end are about Rs. 5000-6000 in cost. They are still endowed with minimum features that can make the bread-making process easier for you. However, it is important to choose a reputed company.

Bread maker scores over the oven in that it also takes care of the kneading process which is indeed the most important step involved in getting bakery shop- like bread.