How much does guitar tricks cost?

Guitar tricks is an effective online training program. Are you searching for a quick way to learn guitar? If yes, then learn everything through tons of online guitar videos. Within just a few weeks of learning, you can play the instrument easily and amazingly. This online class teaches step by step guitar lessons. From basic to song playing every guitar lesson is covered in the session. Also, you can avail the free trial to know about it. If you are thinking about the guitar tricks cost then here is everything you need to know. 

The basics cost 

There are monthly and yearly guitar tricks classes available. Guitar tricks are one of the cost-efficient ways to learn a guitar. You can also try out the classes by choosing the free trial. The basic membership of guitar tricks is available for free of cost. The monthly membership is available for 19.95 $ and yearly membership for 179 $. 

The format of the lesson 

The format of guitar tricks is simple and easy to understand. You can learn any guitar lesson through the quality videos. Also, learning is easy with guitar tricks as you can put the video on slow motion. This may help you to learn the fingering and chords. Also, you can slow the video for more clarity, and the pitch will not be affected. You can learn songs in a guitar with the help of guitar tricks. 

The best platform for beginners 

If you are a new learner, then ease up the learning process through guitar tricks. Lesson one is about fundamentals. This basics lesson covers simple chords, easy melodies and rhythms. The online instructor teaches the lessons in a step by step basis. 

The lessons for experts 

If you are already an expert, then learn the other music styles by advanced lessons. You can try out the rock, blues or country style music by opting for the advanced music lessons. 

It helps you to be a versatile musician.

Want to be a versatile guitarist? Then take up the guitar tricks session of different music. They not only teach rock, bleu and country but acoustic, funk, soul, jazz, classic and more. Pick any one of the styles under the “learn guitar styles” homepage. 

Learn from different guitars 

Music sessions are available for both electric and acoustic guitar on guitar tricks. However, if you are searching for good bass guitar or any other guitar sessions, then you may not find a lesson here. However, there is a variety of teaching session in both electric and acoustic guitars.

Receive training from specialised instructors 

 Specialized instructors cover many guitar styles and songs. The expert instructors are friendly and understanding. They help you to play different songs on each session. From classic to modern music, everything is taught on both monthly and yearly membership sessions. 


Guitar tricks are very affordable, and one of the most effective ways to learn guitars. These sessions are cheaper than physical guitar lessons.