How To Choose The Right Baby Bottle Warmer

Baby bottle warmers are available in multiple styles and brands in the market. The plethora of options might make it difficult to choose a particular kind of baby bottle warmer. Even though the preferences may vary from people to people, there are some important points which must be kept in mind at the time of choosing a baby bottle warmer.

Versatile bottle warmer

It is better to select a baby bottle warmer which can easily accommodate all kinds of baby bottles, baby food jars and magic cups irrespective of their sizes and shapes. The bottle warmer should also be compatible with all kinds of baby bottle materials. Thus, choosing a quality bottle warmer which can fit only standard baby bottles is not recommended.

Heating technology

Baby bottle warmers either use water bath or steam heat technology to heat baby bottles. A baby bottle warmer using water bath technology warms the bottle by circulating warm water beneath it. Water bath technology allows breast milk to preserve maximum nutrients, vitamins and antibodies. However, the heating process is slow.

In case of a baby bottle warmer with steam heat technology, the water present in a reservoir is converted to steam by a heating element. The steam heats the milk present in the bottle. This type of warmer heats milk fast but the exterior of the bottle becomes very hot due to steam and needs a cooling period before it can be given to the baby. Steam heating can also cause uneven heating. Furthermore, there is also a risk of very high temperature degrading the nutritional qualities of the milk. Thus, if you purchase a baby bottle warmer with steam heat technology, you must know how to set the safe temperature. You also need to shake the bottle and test the milk after heating it.

Automatic shut off

Automatic shut off feature in the baby bottle warmer is essential to prevent the milk from getting overheated and consequent degradation of its nutritional value. Automatic shut off terminates heating as soon as the set temperature is reached or after a set time period. Thus, even if you have forgotten to switch off the warmer, there is no need to worry.

Alarm feature

Additional safety features such as an alarm in the form of an audible beep or flashing lights is recommended in a baby bottle warmer. There is a risk of the temperature of the milk in the bottle continuing to rise if not removed from the warmer even after auto shut off feature has terminated the heating process. The alarm reminds you to immediately remove the bottle from the warmer.

Water reservoir

Warmers which have in-built reservoirs are better than the ones which require you to add water every time you heat the bottle. Warmers having reservoirs contain enough water after filling to last many heating processes. You can also monitor the water level in such kinds of warmers.


The bottle warmer should be compact and portable especially if you travel a lot. Large warmers with many extra parts which take up a lot of space must be avoided.