Borderlands 3 to release very soon

How Much Longer Will Our Wait Be For Borderlands 3?

Gearbox Software is an incredibly well-known game developing company based in Texas, and their most famous work, the Borderlands series, is easily one of the most celebrated franchises in the world. The series has gone on to win numerous accolades owing not only to its brilliant approach that defines a deliberate attempt to deliver an unrealistic game with top notch action sequences and stellar storytelling. The end result is not as alienating as one would think, but actually very enjoyable. In fact, the Borderlands games are so fantastic that fans have been begging for the sequel to 2012’s Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 3 is undoubtedly one of the most awaited games of the past few years, and will maintain that status until Gearbox actually rolls out the title. But that is not going to happen in a while, for although Gearbox representatives and those associated with the previous projects have spoken favorably of the possibilities of a bright future, there has not even been an announcement yet. However, it looks like we are getting increasingly close to getting one, thanks to what appears to be incessant teasing from the Gearbox camps.

We first heard from Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox Software, speak of the possibility of a Borderlands 3 back in 2015, but he said some remarkable things that still have us guessing. It appeared that he was conforming the game, yet at the same time tell us that it might not reach us as Borderlands 3 but as something else- like for instance Borderlands 4! In addition, however, he did say that the game would be absolutely smashing- “the big one,” he had called it.

Borderlands 3 release is not far away

But while 2016 did not fetch us any news regarding the development of Borderlands 3, we believe the game is already in development. The first factor to make us guess is that developers usually tend to maintain pin drop silence during the time they start working on a new title. But if that doesn’t seem like much to our readers, there is more. This year has brought forth a host of new revelations from Gearbox Software, which tells us that a Borderlands 3 revelation may not be too far off.

Early this year in January, Gearbox did a tech showing using a video that contained elements that looked at home with the series. The landscapes were unquestionably “Borderlands” in nature, but the only character that we got a proper look at, (also similar to the Borderlands aesthetics), was covered in an Exo suit from head to toe. Interestingly, Pitchford, at this point in the presentation, advised fans not to pay a lot of attention to the character but rather focus on the tech he was showing. This led many to believe that not only was she from Borderlands 3, which was already in development in secrecy, but also perhaps a returning character from the previous games. This was the reason for Pitchford to attempt drawing attention away from her and having her identity remain a mystery.

A lot of things can happen with Borderlands 3, and we are absolutely sure that the new game will smash the records maintained by its predecessors. But for now, the question remains, when are we going to get a confirmation? If we are to go by the recent occurrences, then perhaps it is not too far away. Merry christmas wishes all of you. we will share some of merry christmas meme with your friends and family.