Should You Go For A Wet Epilator Or A Dry Epilator?

Epilators are one of the best ways available for the removal of pubic hair. It is considered to more effective, convenient, painless and long-lasting than traditional shaving method. With epilators, you are going to experience a silky soft and smooth skin in a matter of a few minutes. Its effect easily stays for a few weeks without any touch up. Use of epilator is not as painful as waxing and is definitely less hassle than shaving every day.

Epilator comes in two types to choose from. These are wet epilators and dry epilators. People who are new to this device would find it confusing to choose the right one. To ease your selection process, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of both these methods.

Wet epilators

It is easier to remove hair when they are wet. Wet epilators help in easily and effectively remove hair from the skin while you take the shower. This results in painless removal of hair in just a few seconds. Epilating while enjoying warm water bath saves them from pain and makes the hair removal procedure more pleasurable.


A wet epilator is a cordless epilator that is smaller in size. They are light in weight that makes them easy to carry along with you anywhere. So, if you are going to perform hair removal at a place other than home, then wet epilators are the best available option to choose.

Mess-free operation

Hair removal creates waste and makes the place messy. However, as this process is performed in the shower, then the waste hair gets washed away quickly. This makes this method more preferable than a dry epilator. Wet epilator does not create hair waste as it happens incase of dry epilating.


Though wet epilator is designed to be portable and can be carried anywhere, its use depends on the availability of water. In other words, it can be used only when the water is available. Without water, use of such epilators can become painful, inconvenient and uncomfortable.

In case of a dry epilator, it comes in cordless, or corded form. This is the major drawback of dry epilators as its cord can come in the path and obstructs the person. It is also bulky and prevents you from carrying it with you.

Water Use

As the usage of wet epilator depends on the water, it can lead to wastage of water. This can increase the amount of your water bill and also create a potential impact on the environment.


Most of the people who have used a dry epilator before or are using dry epilator know that they are more effective and efficient than wet epilators. When using wet epilator while taking a shower, there can be a possibility that shower gel can glide the epilator. This can cause a few hairs to get missed.


Hope the above information would equip you about these two types of epilators in detail. Where a wet epilator provides painless hair removal, a dry epilator is more effective than the wet one and gives a better finish. It is advised to evaluate the above factors on your needs and preferences to find the most suitable option for your use.