Nintendo Switch still doesn't have FIFA 18

There is Still no ‘FIFA 18’ in Nintendo Switch

The world of video games has seen a number of new things coming in since the advent of the twenty-first century. And it seems that it is going to be a never-ending process. That is quite natural because the way technology is developing it is a foregone conclusion that the video games are going to have an impact of that. And much to the ecstasy of the gamers, these changes have done a world of good for them. The new games which have come in, particularly in the last five years, have seen some incredible which was unthinkable even a decade back.

Among the games which have grabbed the attention of the gamers over the years, we have the games which have been launched under the FIFA franchise. The developer of the games in the FIFA franchise – Electronic Arts (EA) has invested a lot in making FIFA one of the most popular franchises in this field. And as we wait for the launch of the new edition of the game at some point in time this year, we are expecting lots of new changes to come in. And here is a list of what might change or at least what the gamers are expecting when gets launched.

Just before we get into that, here is an update which states that the gamers who have got hold of the Nintendo Switch will not be able to play the authentic ‘FIFA 18’. This is because reports have flown in that the gamers will be getting the game ‘EA Sports FIFA’ on Nintendo Switch. There were talks that Nintendo Switch will finally get the authentic FIFA 18 this time around. However, that possibility has taken a serious jolt after the latest news has come up.

FIFA 18 still missing from Nintendo Switch

Shifting our focus from a possible disappointment for the gamers who had planned to play FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch we get back to what we started off with, that is the changes which are going to come in. One of the primary things is certainly going to be the graphics of the game. There’ve been quite a few complaints regarding the graphics in the available versions of the game in the FIFA series. And the launch of FIFA 18, as the gamers expect, might see those graphical glitches getting fixed.

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Also, there are words that the FIFA 18 will come with a better artificial intelligence incorporated in it. That will certainly make the game much more realistic which is one of the things which the gamers are expecting with the upcoming game in the FIFA franchise. Not just that, there will be changes in the OVR of the players as well. And what comes as a pleasant surprise for the fans is that there are chances that EA will provide five Indian players with a much higher OVR. Whether that is going to turn out to be true is not yet sure. But then, there is the possibility, and that is quite huge.

FIFA 18 is going to be launched in the month of September. To be more precise, it is perhaps going to be on September 26 that we will be able to get the first look at the cover of the game and come across the new changes which will be made to the game. Till then, all that we can do is simply wait.