A few things are going to make Red Dead Redemption 2 a great game

Here Are A Few Things That Would Make Red Dead Redemption 2 a Great Game for Fans

When Rockstar finally gave a rather low-key confirmation of the sequel to Red Dead Redemption, the standout title of 2010, the new nearly broke the internet. There is good reason for that, as fans have been waiting for so many years for one tiny news about whether Red Dead Redemption 2 was at all on the developers’ cards. Rockstar, on the other hand, had kept the fact to themselves for a long time before announcing the game. We know that work on the upcoming sequel had begun in full swing in 2016 itself, as a number of leaked information was revealed last year even before the announcement. However, we were not quite sure if they were the imaginings of avid fans or the real deal. Right on cue, the developer banished all our uncertainties with a couple of posters and a fantastic new teaser trailer.

But several months have passed by since then, and we are still waiting for new information about the upcoming title. We decided to utilize the time to formulate with our very own wishlist for Red Dead Redemption 2. We hope our readers agree. If not, then even better, for we are all looking to get our different ideas to the developers to see if they would consider them. It needs to be said, however, that Rockstar has a lot on their plates, so we definitely will not be seeing all of these make their way into the game. No crime in throwing around ideas, though, so here we go.

Red Dead Redemption gameplay is going to be very exciting

Red Dead Redemption 2 Wishlist

Female Protagonist: We have all heard the rumors that Red Dead Redemption 2 will not focus on just one single narrative, but multiple ones, much like what we saw in Rockstar’s other title famous title, GTA 5. This means that the upcoming game might come with multiple playable protagonists. Surely one of those narratives can belong to a woman. In our opinion, it would be absolutely smashing to explore the overtly masculine world of the Wild, Wild West through the eyes of a woman. We mean, come on, it’s not like there were no women during the era, so we don’t understand why in a game with multiple protagonists, at least one could not be dedicated to a female one. It would not only bring freshness to the game but in light of how Rockstar has treated its minor women characters in the previous games in the series, we think they would be the perfect people to flesh out a character against the machismo-laden world of the era.

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Crafting: Rockstar’s 2016 game had a lot of RPG type elements in it, and it was a joy to loot all that we could get our hands on in the last game. But while there was absolutely no end to looting and shooting in Red Dead Redemption, one thing that was lacking was the ability to craft things for our character’s own use. So crafting should definitely be incorporated into the gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2. It would certainly be an added fuel for more exploration and taking more risks.

Wrap Up

We know that Rockstar is famed for maintaining steely silence before they are actually ready to go ahead with something, so there is no reason to be worried about how the development of Red Dead Redemption 2 is going. Until that much-coveted reveal comes in, we will wait patiently and count the days.