Top 3 Bluetooth Speakers: Bring Out The Music Lover Inside You

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, there are many options currently available. Each model is vastly different from the others, for obvious reasons. For the discerning and the astute buyer, however, a buying guide to the top 3 Bluetooth speakers is essential as it helps him or her decide which the best speaker for them is. The criteria for choosing such speakers vary widely. We shall discuss in this post the best commercially available Bluetooth speakers.

Top 3 Bluetooth Speakers: Criteria For Choosing

It is very important to keep in mind some criteria before buying such Bluetooth speakers. The vast majority of them are priced disproportionately higher than what they actually come for. Hence, the first point to keep in mind is the budget of the buyer. This is a very important factor in choosing the 3 best Bluetooth speakers. The second factor is sound quality. Like any other speakers, these speakers too differ widely when it comes to sound quality. An audiophile will have marked differences in taste when it comes to sound quality than, say, a novice.

An audiophile will have marked differences in taste when it comes to sound quality than, say, a novice. The build quality and the battery life of such devices should also play a part before you invest in such a device. Lastly, the Bluetooth range on the speakers must also be taken into consideration.

top Bluetooth Speakers
Best Bluetooth Speakers

Top 3 Bluetooth Speakers: Our Top List

Our list of the best Bluetooth speakers include:

  • Fugoo Style Portable Surround Sound Speaker: Fugoo is known for manufacturing quality devices and this entry justifies its reputation. It provides 40 hours of battery life and has a rich sound quality. This speaker comes in various funky color variants and is also good looking. Technologically speaking, it lists at an eight-degree angle which makes the sound go upwards and is designed with care. Also comes with an IP767 certification for dust and water resistance.
  • Amazon Tap: Backed by the Amazon Alexa service, the Tap is a stylish device also capable of providing better sound than most competitors. Powered by Dolby Digital, it can provide 360-degree Omni-directional audio and is also connectable over Wi-Fi. It is voice activated and can stream music from such sites as Prime Music, Pandora, and Spotify. Build quality is also decent.
  • Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II: Bose is a household name and the SoundLink does justice to the brand name. Sleekly designed and with excellent sound, it also acts as your Bluetooth-paired voice activated speaker. Comes with a pretty long warranty period as well.

Wrap Up

Did we miss out on your favorite device in our list of top 3 Bluetooth speakers? Feel free to leave us your suggestions below in the comments section.