Top 5 Benefits of Merino Wool Socks

Merino wool socks are a great investment for you if you want a sock that gives you both comfort and warmth. This type of wool comes from merino sheep which has its origin in Spain. Today, this breed of the animal resides in Australia and New Zealand. This is a highly demanded type of wool around the world.

What’s so special about merino wool?

The merino wool’s fibres are highly fine when you compare it to other types of wool. This allows for easy bending and moulding into the desired shape. Merino wool socks are capable of providing high flexibility to get the right fit for you. Due to the fine fibres, the socks are extremely soft. They are especially good for people with sensitive skin.

There are several benefits of having a merino wool socks. Below are the top 5 of them.

  1. Regulation of body temperature

Merino wool socks can stabilize your body temperature. When the weather is cold, the natural bends and crimps in the fibres can trap air. This trapped air can provide the needed insulation. On the other hand, when the weather is hot it can quickly wick out the sweat from the skin. This helps to keep you cool and dry.

  1. Keeps you dry

This type of wool can remove moisture from the skin. The fibres are highly porous. But most synthetic fabrics are not porous. Even though they wick the sweat, you will not feel dry. Merino wool socks can help you to stay warm and dry even if you playing sports.

  1. Resistant to odours

The unique feature of this type of wool is that is can absorb odour caused by fungi and bacteria. The fibres can entrap the smell and keep them from building up. This allows you to wear merino wool socks much longer with no concern about smelling bad. This is a great option for trekking or travelling, especially when you have no space to pack more.

  1. Softness

The softness and super fineness of merino wool make it superior to other wool types. The diameter of the wool fibre is only 1/3 of the human hair. When it comes up against the skin, it can bend out of the way because of its fine fibres. It cannot prick the skin like other wool types due to the fact that it cannot stand up to its own weight.

  1. Biodegradable

If you decide to throw away merino wool socks, it can decompose within a year. Because the fibres consist of protein, they get degraded in the soil.

The bottom line

You can definitely say that the merino wool is like a powerhouse of natural fibre. The socks made of this type of wool is warm and soft to a higher degree. You can say that this wool is completely packed with a load of benefits to suit all your adventures.

With all these great benefits, you should have a pair of merino wool socks in your closet.