Top rated wine coolers in the market

Before you purchase a wine cooler, there are certain factors which need to be considered. First of all you need to decide whether you want a single zone wine cooler or double zone wine cooler. Single zone wine cooler is perfect if you prefer to store only one kind of wine since it has a single temperature control. Double zone wine cooler is perfect if you have a varied collection of wines. The second factor to consider is whether you need an integrated wine cooler or freestanding wine coolers. Freestanding wine cooler needs to be added in a room like any other appliance and plugged in a socket. Integrated wine cooler can be installed inside the kitchen cabinetry. It does not require much space but the number of bottles that can be stored in it is lesser as compared to freestanding unit.

The following are some of the best rated wine coolers in the market.

Nutrichef 12 bottle Wine Cooler

This is a dual zone wine cooler with a capacity of 12 bottles. The wine cooler has an advanced thermoelectric cooling system with adjustable temperature control. The cooler also has LED lights to illuminate the bottles. Both horizontal and vertical racks are present in the cooler to store the wine bottles. The cooler is equipped with a reinforced glass door which has airtight sealing. This is a freestanding unit which can be placed on the floor or table.

Avanti 12 bottle Wine Cooler

This is single zone wine cooler. The design allows 4 bottles to be stored vertically and 8 bottles to be stored horizontally. It uses thermoelectric cooling system. The digital display shows the internal temperature of the cooler. Automatic defrosting system is also present in the cooler. The cooler has a curved glass door and is light in weight.

Newair 32 bottle Wine Cooler

This is a Newair dual zone wine cooler with separate compartments for cooling red and white wines. The total capacity of the cooler is 32 bottles which can be stored in two compartments at different temperatures. The cooler has digital controls for adjusting the temperatures in the two zones and an LED display to view the temperatures. Thermoelectric cooling system is used in the cooler. The cooler is a freestanding unit.

Ivation 18 bottle Wine Cooler

This is a single zone wine cooler which provides a perfectly stable temperature for short or long term storage of red or white wines. The thermopane door provides complete protection to the wine bottles against UV rays of the sun while the solid polyurethane foam provides insulation and maintains optimal humidity in the cooler. The temperature is adjustable between 54º – 64ºF (12º – 18ºC). The cooler has digital touch controls and LCD temperature display. The capacity of the cooler is 18 bottles.

NewAir Dual Zone In-built Wine Cooler

This wine cooler is 15 inches in width and can be fitted in sliding shelves. The cooler has dual temperature zones and can be used to cool red, white and other kinds of wines at the same time. Touch control panel and LCD display are present on the cooler. The door is made of 3 layered tempered glass.