Training Your Dog To Use A Dog Crate

Benefits of Dog Crates:

Best Dog crates are the safest place for your dogs at your houses and act as a great tool for training the dogs. According to some people, dogs are den dwelling animals and thus, they want to replace this den with a crate for the dog’s comfort. To teach the puppies about bladder and bowel control, the dog crate is the crucial tool. This is due to the behavior of puppies not to spoil their resting or sleeping places. So, in this way, one can use the dog crate to train the dog about using the bathroom. Thus, a dog can maintain good bladder and bowel control.

Tips for training your dog:

Location of the crate:

The first thing is to choose the right location for the crate. Make sure you keep the crate in the right place where you and your family member spend much time. After choosing the location, you can place the crate by covering it with a towel or blanket. Now, encourage your dog to explore the crate. Initially, the dog will not enter inside the crate for which you need to use small treats. But never force the dog to enter the crate. Be patient in handling the dog, as the dog will take several minutes to days.

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Feeding the Dog:

After the dog enters the crate, you need to start feeding method. Ensure that you place the meals near the crate or in the crate and let your dog eat them. When the dog stays inside and eats the meal, close the crate and re-open after the dog is done with eating. When you close for the first time, count the timings that how long your dog stays in the crate. This will help to train the dog staying inside the crate for some time.

Lengthen the meal time:

When you find the dog comfortable staying inside the crate while eating, you can try to lengthen the mealtime. You can start to close the crate by keeping your dog inside for a shorter period. You can even train the dog by giving the command “crate” so, that your dog goes inside the crate by own. You can praise the dog and give small treats to encourage staying inside the crate. At last, you can try to close the crate at night after giving enough training for your dog.

Dog Crate Training:

Thus, one can use the above procedure to train the dog staying inside the crate. But some people are not satisfied with the dog’s crate option by thinking as a cruel punishment for dogs. This is not so when you train the dogs to stay inside the crate without any force or cruel action, it is not punishment at all. When you train the dog properly, you can create a safe, quiet, cozy atmosphere by not disturbing your neighbors. Thus, use the dog crates for the safety of the dogs and train to make them stay inside safely.