Vikings Season 5

Vikings Season 5: Floki Would Have a Major Part to Play This Time

Brutal deaths and heinous scenarios, we have seen it all in Vikings Season 4 but its time to witness something much more potent now as Vikings Season 5 will be revealing some of the major factors. Ragnar Lothbrok took his last breath in the previous instalment and it was surely an emotional state for most of the viewers as they were very much connected with the character. His ways of raiding was quite unique as Ragnar was always interested in farming but now that he is dead, Ragnar’s son Ivar can be expected to make all the outbursts in Vikings Season 5.

The way he killed Sigurd was quite unexpected but he might be seen mourning because of the death of his brother in the beginning of the fifth season of the historical drama series. Ever instalment has been equally spellbinding and we definitely can expect a lot more out of the scenarios with new Vikings Season 5 cast. A sneak peak video is all ready out there which is making the rounds and people are going almost crazy about whatever has been shown in the sneak peak video.

The initial part of it opened with how Sigurd’s funeral is taking place and how Seer is warning that something more going to arrive due to the death of Ragnar. So does that mean that we can actually watch some more brutal happenings in Vikings Season 5? We do know about Bishop Heahmund as he got introduced to all the fans of Vikings in its fourth instalment and almost everyone is also expecting a battle between Ivar and him. Therefore, the scenarios are definitely going to turn extremely brutal in Vikings Season 5. Floki also went through dismay because of his loving wife Helga’s death in the fourth Season of Vikings. He was upset because of Helga’s demise as she was extremely honest with him and loved Floki a lot.

However, there is a speculation which indicates that Floki may find someone new in Vikings Season 5, so does that mean that he is going to fall in love in the next instalment? That is not the end as Floki has got a major part to depict in Vikings Season 5 because he is said to find out or discover Iceland. This is quite anticipated by fans because a glance of it has been even portrayed in the sneak peak video of the historical drama series.

Apart from Floki even Margrethe is anticipated to play a big role in Vikings Season 5. She is a former slave who once shared the bed with Ivar and he could not satisfy her at all due to which Margrethe told about this particular thing to Sigurd. And he did end up taunting him about the same, therefore, we can very well expect Ivar to show his wrath to Margrethe this time.

However, Vikings Season 5 is yet again going to bring in a lot of spine-chilling as well as nail-biting happenings when it releases on the network History.