What is the Right Fabric for Lehenga Choli?

You can find several amazing designs of Lehenga Choli in Traditional Indian Clothing. These designs are fabulous and they are very beautiful as well. They are an integral part of Indian Ethnic Wear and they add a lot of flavor to Indian Fashion. Today, you will find that all types of Lehenga Choli designs are available in different fabrics. You can easily purchase lehenga Online and the first thing that you will notice is that these Lehenga Cholis are available in different fabrics. The cost is majorly dependent on the fabric as well. But do you know what is the right fabric for Lehenga Choli? Well, here are the details

Different Fabrics Available in Lehenga Choli

  • Silk – Indian traditional clothing is incomplete without the use of Silk. You will notice that the Silk is the most popular choice of material for Lehenga Choli or for most of the Indian Clothing. There is a different variety of silk available and that is also dependent on the region that you are purchasing it in. The best part about Silk is that the fabric gives a shiny look to the cloth which adds on to the elegance. It reflects light depending on the variety of silk and you will find various types of lehengas in Silk. You will find lehengas which are completely made of Silk and the ones where only Pattu is made of silk. The choice is dependent on you and your taste.
  • Georgette – You will also find Lehenga Cholis that are made of Georgette. The good part here is that this fabric is quite modern and it gives an elegant look to the dress. You will also find chiffon and crepe in a combination of georgette which can add on to the elegance of your Lehenga Choli. Georgette is lightweight so that is another added advantage of the material which is why this material is convenient for Indian clothing.
  • Cotton – Next popular material you will find in Lehenga Choli is Cotton. This is a very distinct style of Rajasthan and Gujarat. A lot of these are worn on a daily basis as well but for Lehenga Cholis made of cotton can be worn in family functions as well. The best part about Cotton Lehenga Choli is that they are very airy and they are also absorbent. You would not feel very hot in Lehenga Cholis that uses Cotton.

These are the 3 main fabrics used for designing Indian traditional clothing. You will also find velvet being used for Lehenga Choli and it is quite amazing as well. Velvet is quite cheap when compared with silk but again, it might not be very comfortable to wear in very hot weather. You can certainly check all other options available for the fabric of Indian Traditional Clothing. You can also check out for options in Indian clothes online and you will get an idea regarding the fabrics available and the cost of the Lehenga Choli.