What To Know Before Buying A Nonstick Cookware?

Many people think that nonstick cookware is a must for the kitchen. This is because the food you prepare using nonstick cookware doesn’t stick into the vessel. This makes clean up easily and you can cook food using less oil. But carefully handling them helps to maintain it for a longer time. You should not use a dishwasher or steel scrubber to wash them, as the coating gets removed with it.

Though nonstick cookware got many advantages, it has got its disadvantages too. First, you can’t use metal utensils on nonstick cookware to get easily scratched off. The coating can cause the pan to be less efficient in terms of heat transfer. According to the culinary point of view, cooking in a nonstick pan doesn’t give you much taste when compared to cooking in stainless steel vessels. But still, people want to buy nonstick cookware for casual cooking:

Let us discuss the features that you need to check before purchasing nonstick cookware:

Features To Look Before Buying A Nonstick Cookware:


There are two different kinds of nonstick coatings. The most popular coating is PTFE which stands for Polyethylene or Teflon. This type of coating repels water, and hence, food won’t stick into the cookware. The other type of coating is called ceramic coating. It is actually a silica-based gel that prevents food from sticking to the cookware’s surface.  Though both type of coatings will work well to prevent food from sticking to the surface, Teflon type of coating is mostly preferred for its longer life. Make sure you are handling them carefully, to avoid scratching on it. It depends on how to to use your cookware; its life will last longer.


Most of the nonstick cookware manufactured from rather aluminium or stainless steel. Among the two types, stainless steel mostly preferred for its even heating. But they tend to be heavy to carry and make it more expensive to buy. If you consider aluminium bases, they will get heat spontaneously and not providing you such even heat distribution. Nonstick cookware allowed to use on induction stoves, unless there is stainless steel welded to the bottom for protection.

But, you can’t use them directly on to the induction stove without checking the package that the pan is induction compatible. Another way to check the pan bottom is by using magnet whether getting stick to the bottom or not. If it is sticking to the bottom, you can use them on induction stoves.


Check whether the cookware coatings aren’t made with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Because, such material is very harmful to your health and, they are considered as cancer-causing nonstick coatings. While buying cookware, check whether find the words “PFOA-free” on it.


It is better to go with stainless steel pots and pans, as that will last a lifetime. Though they are expensive, it is worth to spend such huge money for buying them. Thus, replace your inexpensive and poor quality pans with stainless steel cookware and save your money.