Which printer is better Epson or Canon?

Well, if you are planning to buy a new printer and would like to know more about it. Then, you have reached the right place. We shall hereby, discuss in detail, to choose the best printer in the market, Epson or Canon? You must probably be aware of these printers before you are planning to choose and buy the right one. And, there are differences like which printer suit your needs. Come, let us discuss some of the features on each model that help you to know more on the functions of each printer before making a final decision.

Features of Epson and Canon Printer:

Print Head Clogs:

Practically speaking, Epson printers use a MicroPiezo print head, that clogs from time to time. And, this is regarded as the most common mistake of Epson manufacturers. And, today’s Epson printers under 10k run an automated, periodic nozzle check to avoid head clogging issues. On the other hand, Canon printers work on thermal print head technique. Here, the head gets heated up before printing, thereby eliminating unwanted debris on the head, causing problems. Also, Canon printers allow less cleaning, and it can withstand for a longer duration, even without using. And, these Canon printers can be put to a “sleep mode” and can be waked up to perform an ink tank agitation procedure from time to time.

Time Consistency:

A typical Canon printer undergoes a procedure called colour calibration procedure.

This procedure establishes a standard colour base-line for the printer using a Canon-branded paper. And, you can nullify the current colour calibration, and again run the colour calibration on the Canon-branded paper, only when you need to change the colour over time or replace the print head. Well, this can make the printer reset to an original standard. Also, these Canon printers preserve the existing printed profiles. But, in the case of Epson printers, a well- versed technician is preferred to perform the process of calibration or linearization, as they are a bit harder than Canon printers.

Ink Tank Usage:

In particular, Epson’s ink tanks are kept behind the doors and in front of the printers. So, these doors need to be opened, to replace the ink tanks, thereby interrupting the current printing process. In the case of Canon’s printer, ink tanks are loaded at the top of the printer, and therefore provide easily accessible slots that can be swapped when required.

Printing phases:

A few years ago, Epson introduced “Epson Print Layout”, which is a free program. This free program provides a simplified and excellent printing interface. Well, Canon printers achieve simplicity and good access to printing phases, by offering Print Studio Pro.

Thus, the bottom line is that; both printers are convenient in one way or the other. First of all, we must accept the fact that both the printers are excellent in their quirks. The final choice is up to you to choose the best one that suits your needs.