Wooden Pizza peel vs. Metal pizza peel: Which is good?

Thinking of owning your pizzeria? Wish to deliver your customers the world-class pizza from your restaurant? You know without a good crust your pizza won’t touch your customer’s heart and they may not come back. Our weblog will give you all the information’s here and will solve your queries. But, first, you must know about pizza peel. A pizza peel is a shovel-like equipment meant to bake pizza, loaves of bread, without burning your hand, etc. Generally, a pizza peel is of two type’s wooden pizza peel and metal pizza peel. In our weblog we will give you answers of how the peel differs from each other and which one stands out in resulting great hasslefree pizza baking.

WOODEN PIZZA PEEL VS. METAL PIZZA PEEL: In our article we make a clear discussion about the difference in wood pizza peel and metal pizza peel.

Wooden Pizza Peel: In my opinion the pizza peels I prefer will be wood as it stops the dough to stick to the peel. We all know wood is a good insulator than metal. However, it is recommended to dust off the peel with some flour. It is great for the beginners to start with as transferring the pizza to the oven is easy. Its nonsticky quality keeps all the pizza toppings in place instead of being messed up on the floor. Its unsophisticated look also adds up a lot of value to your kitchen. You must remember to clean them after use, so you wash them with soap and water or disinfect them with vinegar. Don’t forget to air dry them if you cleaned them with soapy water. The only demerit I feel is they are heavy to prevent the wood from burning, can take some of your energy working with them numerous times in a day.

Metal Pizza Peel: The material used in metal pizza peel is mostly aluminum. They are easy in use, last long and are easy to clean. They are low in maintenance, saving your time. It doesn’t require air drying them after every wash. Due to its metallic property it won’t keep the stains on it as you can easily remove them by washing them off the peel, keeping it odorless. Metal pizza can easily slide under the pizza and is easy to move or rotate keeping all the pizza topping in place while transferring in or out of the oven. However, the demerit we face with metal peel is the fresh or uncooked dough can stick to the surface of the metal peel.

CONCLUSION:  Through our research we believe the wooden pizza peel will do great if you are a beginner or not. The properties of wood acting as an insulator give us the best reason to buy it.